Programs & Services

Indigenous Children Education Program

Indigenous Children Education Program It offers K to 12 elementary education for IP children. The learning processes and activities are grounded on cultural context and background of the children.

Junior and Senior High School Program

It supports Junior and Senior High School Program with special a special track on Agricultral Entrepreneurship Education and Livelihood Development. It employs an enriched (contextualized) curriculum and management in accordance with required learning competencies of the Department of Education. It operates on the principle of respect for, and recognition of, the indigenous peoples’ rights, life, and culture.

Tertiary Education Program

It offers educational assistance/scholarship for both vocational and bachelors degree courses on:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Basic and Secondary Education
  • Agriculture
  • Development Anthropology
  • Community Development
  • Forestry
  • Environmental Science
  • Medical related courses
  • Law
  • Social Work

Indigenous Leaders in Education Advancement Program

It provides on-going formation and training for leaders and managers in education, para-teachers, and the Indigenous Peoples’ Education Council on matters related to school management, IP education systems and operations.

Indigenous Peoples Leadership Development Academy

It brings together indigenous leaders across the Philippines. It creates pathways of learning and formation to hone and strengthen indigenous peoples’ leadership potentials and capabilities. It employs a dynamic learning process through meaningful skills development, articulation of values and vision, identification of current issues, challenges, and opportunities to create positive change and meaningful development in IP communities.

The Living Heritage Center of Philippine Indigenous Peoples

It chronicles IPs’ history, cultural heritage, values, languages, aspirations, and struggles in responding to various challenges in life. It conducts research studies, documentation, and publication of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP), stories, histories, arts and music. It also develops and publishes indigenized educational learning materials.

Ilawan Volunteer Service

It is a venue for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to accompany various Indigenous communities towards building resilient and sustainable communities. It creates ample opportunities for the volunteers and host communities/organizations for learning exchange and impact.

Kaambitan: Indigenous Youth Leaders Congress

KaAmbitan is an annual gathering of Indigenous Youth from all over the country. The program provides opportunities for cultural exchange and a venue to discuss various issues and concerns being faced by the IP communities. It is also a platform for young people to explore innovative solutions, recommendations, and concrete action in response to their identified challenges.

Advocafe & Community Enterprise Development Program

It creates mechanisms for sustainable livelihood for the IPs through community-based social enterprises. This program utilizes Advocafe as the training and marketing hub for the community-based enterprises being established in various parts of the country.

Indigenous Peoples Center for Agriculture Resarch and Ecological Sustainability

It assists indigenous farmers and youth to enhance their knowledge and skills on sustainable agriculture technology, environmental protection, and sustainability of their ancestral lands and domains.