A Cultural Space To
Discover Your Indigenous Self



Welcome to The Living Heritage Center of Philippine Indigenous Peoples – a home of Indigenous Peoples living cultures and traditions, a distinctive and honorable place where past and present experiences as well as dreams and aspirations for the future are:

re-lived, re-celebrated and re-shared

Statement and Purpose

We, the indengenous Peoples of the Philippines, have envisioned the living Heritage Center our “home.” It depicts the sacredness and richness of our diverse life, history, sprituality, values, languages, traditions, technology, leadership and deep relationship with the environment, which we have inherited from our forefathers. It is also a place to renew and re-share our commitment in re-creating an environment that promotes respect, protection, and development of ancestral lands, cultural and biological diversity towards a meaningful and sustainable future of our communities and the entire country.

The Gallery

TINUBDAN: A wellspring of Indigenous wisdom and wealth from the Visayan rootword “tubod”, meaning spring or origin of water.


The establishment of The Living Heritage Center of the Philippine Indigenous Peoples is dedicated to the following people who have been instrumental in the realization of this dream.

Research & Publication