Thoughts on Pamulaan

Wanessa Lipanyuan
(Mangyan Alangan, 3rd year)
Pamulaan has a big impact on me even just by its name beacuse it is an extension of school in Mindoro, “Tugdaan” which means “seedbed”. My life in Tugdaan was very colorful and meaningful. Tugdaan enabled me to see the importance of life, the value of our culture and traditions. It also deepened my social awareness and responsibility, respect for the integrity of creation and deep faith in our Creator. With that I have experienced for more than two months, I sincerely believe that Pamulaan will continue to deepen and widen what I learned and experienced in Tugdaan, and
therefore, deepen my passion and commitment to serve my community
and the whole Mangyan tribe.

Richard Milod
(Tagakaolo, 3rd year)
Since my parents cannot afford to support my college education, Pamulaan was truly an answer to my prayer and dream of becoming an agriculturist for my community and tribe. I have learned many things during my first 2 months at Pamulaan Center. We learned to wok together and to deepen our sense of volunteerism and leadership. Honestly for me, Pamulaan is the best because it offers formation and training for community service and leadership. As first batch of Pamulaan Center, we envision to become community workers and volunteers leading our tribes.

Gabriel Linggay
(Umajamnon, 2nd year)
I am grateful to Pamulaan because it offers me the opportunity to pursue my dream to finish college. I arrived in Pamulaan nervous and shy but now I feel a little more confident and trusting through the team building workshops and other training that we had. And as a sign of gratitute to my community ang to all who are making my education possible, I will try to give my best in my studies and in all the endeavors for growth here at Pamulaan. I believe that if I survive the challenges here, I can become a light to my community and tribe in their struggle for self-determination.

Kristine Mae Sumalinab
(Mandaya, 2nd year)
“Tong! Tong! Tong!” Oh my gosh! It’s the rising bell, and few minutes after, we’ll gather for the community morning praise. Am I not dreaming? Am I really in Pamulaan? I pinched myselft and knew that it’s real. I immediately got up and sat down at my bed, reminisced the events that brought me here at Pamulaan. It all started from a silple hope, form little dreams and small wonders. Even at an early
age, I already felt the impact of the harsh reality of poverty that beset my family and
our community. Since then, I have already wanted to bring hope to my own people.
What I am now experiencing in Pamulaan is more that I have expected. In my few
weeks of stay here, I realized that I’m no ordinary student. Here, we are not only developed intellectually but also emotionally, socially and spiritually. When we sang the “Our Father”, I closed my eyes and thanked God for being at Pamulaan, a significant step towards the realizations of my dream, of my people’s hopes and aspirations.

Gina Sangoc
(Tagakaolo, 3rd year)
Summer 2007 turned out to be my most memorable summer vacation. I lived with my family for just a month and spent the rest of my vacation with my community. In both instances, I truly felt the joy of being with my own people. Aside from interacting with our elders to know more about our ancestors and our culture and
tradition, I also worked with the youth. I gathered and mobilized them to participate in community activiites. I helped organized the Parish Youth Camp, with the theme, “PANAW SA KILEGBEG”. We walked to the venue for half a day, tired but happy and fulfilled. I also felt proud because I was tasked to organize and host our solidarity night. I felt confident because of what I learned and experienced in Pamulaan. The people in the community openly expressed that they are proud of me, saying that I have changed from a very shy and withdrawn person to a confident leader. My community service experience will serve as my inspiration to move on towards the realization of my dream and the dream of my community and tribe.