The Realization of a Dream

The beginning of PAMULAAN can be traced to the dream of IP communities to have an educational system that is rooted in their own culture and context. The tedious and challenging process of putting it up has been made possible through the generous and active collaboration of partners: the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP), the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Assisi Development Foundation, Cartwheel Foundation, the Office of Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr, Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation, ILAWAN Inc. and the IP communities.

PAMULAAN Center is now on its third year of service to IP youth and communities. As an IP College, it is now the second home to 92 students coming from 31 tribes in Luzon, Palawan and Mindanao. Twenty IP youth are taking up Bachelor of Agricultural Technology; 11 are pursuing Bachelor of Elementary Education; 28 are enrolled in Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology; and, 33 are under the Bachelor of Arts in Peace Education.