The LIVING HERITAGE: A Legacy to Behold

It all started from a mere dream. Well, who would expect that such a dream would come true?

It is almost 5 months that THE LIVING HERITAGE OF PHILIPPINES’ INDIGENOUS PEOPLES has been operating since its grand launching. Yet, it seems that it was only yesterday that IP elders are dreaming of a bright future for the young generations of their tribe. Now, here is a bridge for a bright future that many IP’s are hoping for—the living heritage.

This center is no ordinary museum. It depicts the living culture that IPs continue to retain despite the strong influence of modernization. It also serves as IPs voice to the world because it presents the unheard sentiments of the IPs due to the destruction of their lives and culture. Thus, this would help mainstream society understand and respect the long-time struggle of the IPs.

Many of those who have gone to this center say that it is such a big contribution to us, IPs. Well, they are right. Definitely right…As long as the living heritage continue to exist in Pamulaan, our dreams as future leaders of our tribe continue to grow nourished with determination, perseverance, self-reliance and love for our tribes.
Young as it is, but one can see the deep love of every Pamulaanean for it. We continue to nurture it with appreciation, love and respect. It has become a mirror and soul of Pamulaan. Why not? When aside from the educational opportunity we received, it serves as a living legacy for us to behold!