Staff Year-End Review and Planning

On June 6, 2007 the Pamulaan IP College Faculty and Staff gathered together at Malagos Garden Resort for a year-end review and planning. The workshop started with the revisiting of the Pamulaan Vision-Mission-Objectives (VMO).

The formulation of the Pamulaan Vision-Mission-Objectives was a long process. The Pamulaan VMO was born out of two multi-sectoral consultations in Luzon and Mindanao, a series of meetings and workshops with partners especially the University of Southeastern Philippines, and finally, the planning workshop of the first batch of Pamulaan IP College students. The discussion on the Pamulaan VMO also included the history of Pamulaan, the rationale and background of its establishment, which can be traced to the dream of Indigenous Peoples for an educational program that is rooted in their culture and context. Fired anew by the history and vision of Pamulaan, the faculty and staff reflected and shared on their experiences and discoveries in journeying closely with the first batch of Pamulaan IP College. In particular, they reflected and shared on the curriculum, students’ performance: academic and non-academic, relationships: student-staff-faculty and Pamulaan-USEP, activities in – school and out of school and facilities. Their sharing on these elements included the review of actual activities, impact, learnings, problems encountered and suggestions.

Finally, to continue the path towards a fuller realization of the Pamulaan vision, the Faculty-staff Partnership came up with some steps to take on. The plan of action includes the following: team building sessions, strategic planning, monthly sharing and updating, exposure and immersion in an IP community, celebration of the IP International Day by launching a photo exhibit that will extend to Linggo ng Wika, celebration of IP month with Kalindogan as its climax, launching of whole week celebrations: Environment Week, Peace Week, IP Education Week and organizing an Agro-Fair in Pamulaan.

The session ended with a prayer, which led all participants to gather and celebrate the blessings of the day as well as of the whole year of existence and service of PAMULAAN Center for Indigenous Peoples Education.