Pamulaan Hosts LEAP

Pamulaan is also a training center for short-term courses for enhancing community leadership and volunteerism. Hence, on May 17-30, it hosted the first series of the Local Educators Advancement Program (LEAP). Pamulaan and other schools in the country dedicated to Indigenous Peoples have been a major breakthrough in the continuing struggle to empower the IPs for self- determination. It is indeed a milestone to start these initiatives on Indigenous Education but it is even a greater challenge to sustain them.

It is in this context that LEAP was conceptualized. LEAP gathered 63 para-teachers, learning facilitators/educators from various indigenous communities in the Philippines. Through its varied activities and workshops, LEAP was able to provide avenues to celebrate the participants’ inner wealth, potentials and rich experiences as community educators and formators. It also enabled them to create dynamic and relevant pathways of training and formation through innovative strategies and culturally sensitive learning process that strengthened their skills, knowledge and abilities for community leadership. Moreover, it also enabled them to forge partnerships in the crucial task of promoting ansd sustaining initiatives for Indigenous Peoples education.