What is Pamulaan?

PAMULAAN is a Lumad-Matigsalog term which means seedbed. The term stresses the program's commitment to the root development of IPs in the realities of their life and culture.

Our Vision

A premiere institution on life-long learning and transformative leadership for indigenous peoples in the Philippines.

Our Mission

To create culturally appropriate and relevant pathways of TRAINING AND FORMATION for the indigenous children, youth, community leaders, and development workers in the Philippines.

Our Goal

The Center hopes to produce graduates equipped with values, knowledge and skills on transformative leadership to initiate collaborative actions that promote commitment on cultural integrity, environmental responsibility, socio-economic sustainability, active spirituality and community service towards building a self-governing, self nourishing and self-sustaining IP communities.

Our Logo

It depicts the program's approach to learning which is integrative and wholistic - one that develops the IP faculties and abilities to the fullest. The young plant depicts the continuing growth offered by education. The leaves of the new plant symbolizes the five (5) major aspects of human life: Social, Political, Economic, Cultural and Spiritual; areas to hone and cultivate in all learners.