1. As a Center for Research and Publication
2. As a Center for Exhibition and Dialogue
3. As a Center for Training, Education and Innovation (Put an image link to map)

a. Culture-Based Early Childhood Development Program
b. Culture-Based Elementary and High School Program
c. Culture-Based Tertiary Education

i. Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship
ii. Bachelor of Science in Education
iii. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Technology
iv. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
v. Bachelor of Arts in Peace Education

d. Capacity Building and Life Skills Training

i. Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity
ii. Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development & Protection Plan
iii. Peace Education and Community Building
iv. Leadership, Governance & Values Formation
v. Environment & Resource Management
vi. Sustainable Agriculture
vii. Climate Change Adaptation
viii. Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Preparedness
ix. Basic Health & Sanitation
x. Community & Organizational Development
xi. Program & Financial Management

e. Local Educators Advancement Program (LEAP)
f. Indigenous Peoples Leadership on Enterprise and Development (IP-LED)

4. As a Center for Partnership and Collaboration

a. Indigenous Peoples
b. Government Agencies
c. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Academe, Media, Church, IP Advocates and Other Groups