Kalindogan Becomes a National IP Youth Congress

Considered as one of the highlights of the Pamulaan experience in its first year in 2006, the Indigenous Youth Peace Congress, dubbed as KALINDOGAN 2006, was truly an event to remember not only for Pamulaan youth but also for other indigenous youth from all over Mindanao. Kalindogan is a Lumad term, which means gathering and thanksgiving of different tribes.

This year, from October 16-19, various organizations joined efforts to hold the 2nd Kalindogan. This time, it was a national gathering of more than 300 youth coming from about 30 ethnic tribes of Mindanao as well as Luzon and Palawan. The Pamulaan Center and University of Southeastern Philippines, Mintal campus served as the grounds for which to celebrate their rich cultural heritage and to critique its relevance and transforming effect in the context of today’s rapidly changing culture and development.

Kalindogan 2007 built on the fruits of last year’s event which held simultaneous workshops on the different issues affecting IP communities and provided significant venues for the youth to make their own significant contribution in the IP struggle for self-determination. With the theme “Strengthening Solidarity Among Indigenous Youth in Asserting Indigenous Peoples’ Rights”, Kalindogan 2007 focused on 5 areas: Karapatan sa Lupa, Kalikasan at Kabuhayan, Karunungan, Kultura at Kasarinlan, and Kapayapaan. The event also included sharing of life skills and dialogue with tribal elders. At the end of the 4-day congress, the participants were able to plot plans of actions on different issues, form an IP Youth Network represented by youth leaders from the different communities who attended the event, and create the Kalindogan 2007 Youth Unity Statement.