Education for Self-Reliance and Community Service

PAMULAAN aspires to be instrumental in the empowerment, life-long learning, formation and community building of the Indigenous People in the Philippines. It aims to strengthen the IPs capabilities as they journey towards self governance and meaningful development.

Indigenous Peoples’ Education System

PAMULAAN’s 8 Elements of an Indigenous Peoples’ Education System
1. Valuing Indigenous Education (PHILOSOPHY)
2. Promoting Cultural Integrity (CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT)
3. Valuing Land and Environment (CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT)
4. Employing Holistic and Integrative Learning Process (CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT)
5. Enhancing Creative and Analytical Thinking (APPROACH & METHODOLOGY)
6. Promoting the Value of Service and Volunterism (APPROACH & METHODOLOGY)
7. Promoting Peace and Community Building (POLICIES & GUIDELINES)
8. Promoting Empowerment and Peoples Participation (MANAGEMENT, MONITORING & EVALUATION)