A Dream for a Cause

Pamulaan grantees have gone far for almost three years stay in Pamulaan Center. They had have surpassed great adjustments and circumstances in studying away from their families. But have we ever asked ourselves what inspired these IP youths to study harder?

Many reasons have challenged Pamulaaneans to aspire for tertiary education. And
all these revolved in the current realities in their own IP communities. They are in bondage of land and political conflicts, developmental aggression, militarization, poverty, vanishing cultures and other related concerns. Indigenous people have little or no access to basic services such as health care and quality Education. Likewise,
they are socially discriminated and regarded as infidels, savages, and ignorant; considered being “left behind” from the mainstream society. Worst, they were once victims of armed conflicts and injustices in our country.

To address these degrading situations, the IP themselves see the value of education
to uplift their lives.

As a response, the young Pamulaaneans envisioned to lead their tribe towards sustainable living and lasting peace. They initiate activities that would make a difference in the lives of the many. They teach young children, give livelihood
trainings, conduct community workshops, and initiate dialogues between
conflicting parties in their own respective places.

The present situations of the Lumads have been the foundations of the sacrificial endeavors of Pamulaaneans. Their simple efforts might not be enough to fulfill the dreams of their elders but they will try and never be tired to empower themselves and strengthens their potentials for community leaderships. The dreams and calls of their community are their missions worth living for.